5 Ways to Reduce Phone Time – For a More Productive and Soulful Day

site-iconAs part of my desire to live a more intentional life, I decided to review my days and try to craft my ideal day. I wanted to see how I could bring my every day closer to my ideal day. So I wrote down all the things that I would love to do in my ideal day and then recorded all the things that I actually do in a regular day.

I was sad to learn that I needed to add more quality time with my family and friends and I definitely needed to remove social media and cyber time from my day. I really needed to do something about my impulse of checking my phone every 5 minutes.

What I did to solve my problem (even though it’s still a work in progress as I still struggle with this every single day):

I removed a few apps from my phone that kept distracting me the most:

Social Media apps on my phone were my most go-to apps. It was almost like an impulse. I realised I wasn’t gaining anything from this. I decided to remove the app from my phone and only check social media on the computer only once or twice a day.

I unfollowed most of my friends on Facebook:

I realised that looking at other people’s lives, pictures and comments was really cluttering my mind. It was also either upsetting me to see that my life wasn’t as great as theirs, I wasn’t going on holidays as many times as I wanted to and I wasn’t really interested in knowing what a person I met once a long time ago did if we haven’t talked to each other for so long. Unfollowing people who were not part of my everyday life was the answer. This has truly helped.

I started charging my phone in the next room:

When I started charging my phone in the other room, I felt I was less impulsive and I could concentrate in whatever else I was doing. I could have conversations with my kids and be engaged in what they were doing which was missing in my ideal day.

I set ‘digital breaks’:

I have set times in which I disconnect the Wi-Fi on my phone and then the impulse is gone completely. My mind is here and now rather than in a different time and (cyber)space.

I started reading more books:

I realised that my kids haven’t seen me reading books much. How can I expect them to love reading and not be obsessed with phones and tablets if I was doing the opposite? So I started reading more books and this has brought back my love for books that I used to have and seemed to have lost.

The digital world is so attractive but it can make us less productive and move us away from doing what we love the most in our every day life.


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