12 Ways to Combat Busy-ness and to Slow Down

site-iconBusy-ness is not a synonym of success. However, nowadays we are all rushing everywhere and we seem to be proud of it. We have endless to-do-lists and we never seem to have time to enjoy quietness. John Lennon himself said it: ‘Life is what happens to you when your busy making other plans’.

Busy-ness is one of the greatest regrets among people who look back when it’s too late for them to enjoy life.

I’m a person who finds it very difficult to stop and relax. I always have to be doing something or else I feel I’m wasting my time. I’m always rushing! However, I had a wake up call a few months ago when I had a bicycle accident. I was rushing back from a yoga class, already feeling guilty having left my kids (with their dad) for an hour and a half (I know, ridiculous, right?). I started putting my socks back on before the meditation had finished and I put my yoga mat inside the bag that happened to be inside out. I realised this as I left the class but didn’t stop for 1 minute to fix this. I left the bad dangling on the handle bar and sure enough it get right inside the spikes of the wheel. I flew over the handle bar and landed on the concrete… face first!

I sometimes remember that exact moment I felt my face smashing on the concrete and that thought reminds me that I need to slow right down.

Here are a few things I learned from that moment and I try to do daily:

  • Make a list of your priorities

Focus on the important to you, not the urgent.

  • Make a record of all your daily activities

Writing down all the things you do every day, right down to the little details, would help you assess what to what you would like to do more or less of.

  • Consider your ideal day

If you had to craft your ideal day, would you do that?

  • Start saying ‘no’

If it’s not in your priority list and part of your ideal day, allow yourself to say ‘no’.

  • Remove 1 thing of your to-do-list

Try removing 1 this of your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly to-do-list and see what you feel like.

  • Do nothing

Maybe 1 hour weekly or whatever is possible for you. I always find it unnerving but I can see the benefits instantly!

  • Embrace the Danish art of ‘Hygge’. Read more here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/wellbeing/mood-and-mind/Danish-cosy-hygge-lifestyle-cosiness-winter-warmth-Nordic-Danes-Scandi-home-interiors/

Get cosy! Allocate some family time doing all your favourite things.

  • Let your kids get bored

Kids nowadays are used to having so activities and playdates that they hardly ever get a chance to do nothing and get bored. Getting bored helps them develop their creativity and initiative for new ways of unstructured play.

  • Stop multi-tasking

Single-task instead: ‘When walking, walk. When eating, eat.’ Zen proverb

  • Stop and listen

Listen to the people around you, listen to your kids, listen to yourself without an agenda or ready for advice. Just listen.

  • Allow extra time for your commute

If I had scheduled some extra time for my cycle back home that day I had the accident, I would have arrived home a few minutes after my scheduled time – but intact.

  • Look around

Spend a few minutes enjoying the view, the scenery, even if it’s too well known. Just breath and enjoy!

Life is too short to let it go to waste being busy all the time!


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3 thoughts on “12 Ways to Combat Busy-ness and to Slow Down

    • Hi growingthroughsomething, I’m so happy you liked this post. It’s a constant struggle going against the busyness and distractions in order to truly enjoy the moment but it’s totally worth it when we get to do it. Thanks for your comment! ❤ Jen x

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