From our Home to our Community: Are you Up for the Challenge?

I have a passion and a wish. I wanted to share them with you.

My passion is for simplicity and for intentional living. I have a passion for sustainable living and for a community who cares about the planet and its people. A community who supports each other.

My wish is to build a community of like-minded people. People who would like to connect and reconnect with themselves and who care about the important things in life. And they care for people who care.

The thing is I just hate consumerism and a numb way of living. I hate fake. I just want real. I just want true and meaningful.

So I created this FREE 30-day challenge of decluttering and intentional living. In this challenge there are 30 little steps. 1 a day. We start from home and then be able to support our community. Would you like to join me?

The main purpose of the challenge is to start minding ourselves so then, when we are not running on empty anymore, we can mind others, mind each other and mind our community and planet.

Why wait until the 1st January and the New Year’s Resolution? We never follow it up anyway. Let’s start now. The start date is 7th November. If you want to start later, all the posts will stay on the page for you to check at your convenience.

My challenge involves meaningful tips and exercises in various aspects:


Exercises to declutter and let go of our excess stuff in order to feel more at home at home


Practical tips for making our life easier.

Little daily challenges to make our day more productive and have more time for what matters.


Ways to have a better balance between digital and real life.


Decluttering to bring clarity to our mind and to be able to focus on our passions.


Practical tips to feel less financial pressure.


Ways to use time more effectively so that we can enjoy the things that are more important to us.


Ways to give something back to and support our community.

Please share this if you think that someone else might like to join us. Please invite that friend or those friends who might be interested too. Sometimes doing the challenge with a friend makes it easier and more fun. This 30-day intentional living challenge could very well be extended to a 365-day challenge. If you want to participate, please like the Facebook page On Reconnecting or subscribe to the website and I’ll send daily updates. It’ll be worth it!



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