The benefits of daily meditation

When was the last time you experienced that tingling sensation of being completely present – here and now? I’ve recently realised that sometimes days go by before I experience that feeling. If I’m lucky enough to feel it, it’s gone in a few seconds. My mind is too fast and grabs my attention almost immediately.

I recently started meditating again after about 5 years. My ‘busy’ life took over and I completely forgot about that great habit I had built for myself. Since I started again, I’ve rediscovered a true gem. I’ve been able to discover a whole new meaning to the word ‘reality’.

Reality is not plans that we have for tomorrow or even later today. Reality is not my friends who are in the pub right now sending me pictures on Whatsapp. Reality is not the chat that I had with the people I work with at the Christmas party on Friday night which I’m slightly embarrassed about… (Sure, maybe they thought I was drunk even though I actually meant every word I said.) Reality is not the dialogues in my head to try to solve some issue in my son’s school on Monday morning. Reality is not what’s happening in the next room. No!

Reality is ONLY what is here and now. What we can see, feel, touch, taste and smell now. Nothing else is real now. Reality is what you can experience right this second with all your senses. .

When was the last time you experienced that absolute now for longer than a few seconds?

It’s freaky to think that we avoid the here and now with all our might! Not only because we are addicted to doing but also because we are too fast to grab our phones the moments we don’t have nothing to do. Every thought we have distract us from experiencing reality the way it really is. Why is that? Why is our mind so against our pure happiness and joy?

If we could spend a few minutes a day experiencing our true reality – our here and now without trying to change anything; if we could just stopped that constant need for doing and thinking; if we could just be for a few minutes a day, oh we would all be happier people.

These few moments a day would be powerful enough to:

  • reduce anxiety about the future and reduce all our worrying
  • reduce depression and sadness about our past
  • make us more focussed on what’s important
  • increase our belief in ourselves and our powers (creativity, intuition, productivity, etc)
  • have more will power to do what’s good for us
  • reduce our stress
  • improve our performance
  • break any unwanted habits

We would be happier, lighter, more connected, more productive, more satisfied with ourselves, more trusting of our intuition, more self-reflecting, more accepting of ourselves and others. We would have less limiting beliefs and more confidence and self-esteem.

Yes, all that has been proven as the benefits of meditation. It only takes a few minutes a day. It’s only by experiencing the true reality that we can be in touch with ourselves and be truly happy.

Leo Gura argues that meditation is the single most important thing we can do in our lives. And after a few months of trying for myself I’m starting to believe he might be right.


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