Long-Term Happiness over Short-Term Fixes in 2017

So a new year is starting and with it all the excitement of new opportunities to be happy. I know that happiness is hugely over-rated but I asked myself a question a while back: how can we make 2017 happier than 2016? I spent some time thinking about this and came up with a list. I’m not considering this list my New Year’s Resolution because I never keep them beyond January. That’s why I’ve started all this a few months ago and this is my commitment for the year:

  • Gratitude: Adding a bit of gratitude into our daily routine. Maybe first thing in the morning or before going to bed. Feeling grateful is always a good way to feel happy.
  • Stop overthinking: we can stop feeling anxious or worried about the future and sad or depressed about the past by being present. Nothing else is real, only the present moment.
  • Optimism: setting goals for the day, the week, the month and the year that will get us motivated and excited.
  • Write a Journal: setting aside a few moments a day to journal will help eliminate limiting beliefs and connect with our higher self.
  • Eliminate addictions and distractions: these ‘band aids of pleasure’ will leave us feeling guilty and worse about ourselves. The key is to stop doing what is a quick fix of happiness and doing what makes you fulfilled in the long term. I know it’s difficult meditation over Netflix or a salad over a burger but it’s worth it in the long run!
  • Slow down: Let’s enjoy the little things that we generally rush by on a busy day.
  • Contemplation/Visualisation/Meditation: the best ways to connect back with our higher self and recharging energy.
  • Say NO: Let’s take care of ourselves and value our time alone. A busy social life keeps us distracted and less focussed. Quality over quantity when it comes to friendship!
  • Stop multi-tasking: Single task and be more in the moment!
  • Volunteer: Giving our time to someone in need is a very gratifying experience.
  • Personal Development: Learning something new to help ourselves become a better person is a great way to bring fulfillment in our lives.
  • Always favour experience over stuff: Shopping is a true happiness quick fix that never last.

Being happy is really our choice. Here’s to a happier 2017!



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