How to Free Yourself from Thoughts

This has been one of the most interesting weeks I’ve had in a very long time. About a week ago I realised I can control my thoughts and stop my thoughts when I want to. It’s been mind-blowing…!

  • I’ve been able to enjoy any view longer than a few seconds without being disturbed by thoughts.
  • I’ve been able to listen attentively to people without thoughts affecting my impression of their words.
  • I’ve been able to meditate without having to fight my thoughts.
  • I’ve been able to be aware of how much thoughts affect my emotions.
  • I’ve been able to been more connected with myself and more at peace.

So I’ve decided to write a post talking about all the things I’ve been doing over the past 3 months to bring this into my life, in case anyone is the search for such an event in their lives.

3 months ago I became committed to my reconnecting with my higher self and I planned a series of strategies to feel more spiritually connected.

Here is goes (I’ll write new posts about all these actions so that I can go into details about each technique):

  • I’ve started meditating religiously (even though this has nothing to do with religion) every day for 20 to 30 minutes a day. Without missing a day!
  • I’ve started doing affirmations to eliminate my limiting beliefs. The powerful words ‘I am…’ will take you wherever you want. This also worked as mantras to stop the mind.
  • I started listening to spiritual gurus to learn their techniques, like Eckhart Tolle (you might think I’m weird but it was only 3 months ago I discovered that YouTube is a great source for knowledge). I mainly listened to these videos while cooking dinner. This also helped to reduce ‘thinking time’.
  • Yoga has always been in my life but I started taking the practice more seriously. I believe any practice that takes your thoughts away from the present moment works.
  • I also started journalling to control my thoughts onto a linear mode. Writing for this blog also helped keep my intentions clear.
  • I prayed. Not to any god. Just to myself. I tell myself I believe in myself and I surrender to the present moment. I surrender to what is and I stop resisting what is.

From the moment I discovered that I could control and be free from my thoughts, I’ve felt more in touch with the now and life has become more enjoyable. I can enjoy every moment and I’ve stopped ‘waiting’, even when I’m in a waiting room. Not any other moment is better than the present moment.

If we are waiting for something to happen to be happier, even if that thing does happen, it surely won’t bring the happiness we’re thinking it will bring (or it might be short lived). Embrace what is now and each moment that comes without resisting. That’s where happiness lies.



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