The Easiest and Most Effective Meditation Technique

I have tried meditating many times in my life but I always failed to make a habit out of it until now. Meditating can be the most frustrating activity there is. I would often start with great enthusiasm and being aware of its many benefits. However, I would soon give up and do absolutely anything else in the world other than meditate.

Yet, a few months ago I started meditating again with a different approach and it’s been the easiest and most rewarding. I’ve been able to reach levels of consciousness I never thought I would or, at least, not that soon anyway.

Most meditation techniques are about trying to clear your mind of your thoughts and that’s simply impossible to an untrained mind. No wonder it’s that frustrating and most of us end up giving up. We simply can’t do that at first. The struggle that we create inside ourselves when we try to go against our mind is too much.

This time I tried a new technique called: ‘do nothing’. I learned this technique from ‘’ and it was a godsend.

The technique is this:

  • allocate 20 minutes of your day in a quiet space (every day without exception!)
  • sit up with your back straight (you can sit against a wall with some cushions).
  • close your eyes and ‘do nothing’.

Other considerations:

  • Flow with your thoughts. Don’t go against them.
  • Accept your thoughts the way they are. Don’t try to change anything.
  • If you can, try not to get involved in the stories of your thoughts.

After trying this technique for a while, you’ll be able to be more aware of your thoughts and ‘observe’ them rather than ‘think’ them. You are the ‘observer’ or ‘awareness’ not the ‘thinker’. This is a really important concept because losing your identification with your own thoughts is what your are aiming for. I had heard about this concept many times but I could never truly understand it until I could experience it myself.

After a while longer, you’ll be able to stop your thoughts for an extended period of time whenever you want to. This is the most liberating feeling you could possibly ask for.

I would love to hear your experience if you decide to try this.


NEXT WEEK: How to control your emotions!




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