Connecting with your true self

5 months ago, I started a new journey trying new ways of connecting (or reconnecting) with with my true self and  my journey to a more purposeful and meaningful life. It’s been a learning curve but so powerful. I’m still working hard at it.

What have I discovered so far?

  • No one can make you happy. Well, maybe a short-term happiness and it will be up and down. If you are happy, it’s only because of you!
  • No one can make you angry. We can say that your mind makes you angry. (and the same goes for all the negative emotions)
  • Meditation is the best investment of time and effort. It’s the single most rewarding thing you can do for yourself.
  • The more you live in the past or in the future, the more unhappy you are.
  • Everyone, absolutely everyone, is doing the very best that they can for their level of consciousness. Compassion is key in every relationship.
  • Moralising and negative self-talk can be very detrimental and it serves no good purpose.
  • The best way to know yourself is to let go of any learnt beliefs (religious, social, national, international, political, etc, even personal!). Meditation is the best way to know yourself – your real self.
  • If you truly embrace whatever is happening in your life, things will flow and you’ll be happier.
  • You can still accomplish your life purpose and your goals in life, even in your are truly embrace the present moment.

Here are some ways I explored in the process of self-discovery:

  • I’ve slowed down. It hasn’t been easy and I’m still learning!
  • I’ve tried moving towards minimalism. Even though I’m not fully minimalist, I’ve created a new and more detached relationship with possessions. I own them but they don’t own me.
  • I meditate 20 minutes every day. This has had the biggest impact in my life!
  • I’ve made a conscious decision to accept everything that is in your life… exactly the way it is.
  • I’ve tried to be mindful in every little thing that I do. Mindful cycling is so beautiful. Lately, I treasure moments like cooking and even washing up lately.
  • I’ve never been a big gossip person but lately I’m making a conscious effort not to talk about people who are not present. Gossiping lowers our level of consciousness but this has been more difficult than I anticipated.
  • I’ve made a commitment to stop judging. Judgement of others deeply affect the way we see and judge ourselves. When you stop judging others, you are more compassionate towards them and yourself!
  • I’ve learned that worrying is only a trick of my mind. I don’t entertain it anymore. This has been a bit easier than I thought. Click here for a great trick t stop worrying!
  • I’ve managed to drop my anxiety about wanting to change the world and make something big with my life. As Eckhart Tolle said: It’s not what you do, but how you do it that’s important. I started changing how I do my every day activities and this has proven very rewarding. It’s already having a ripple effect!

The more we are connected to the present moment, the more we can get to know ourselves. We can then feel more compassion towards ourselves and others. This is the best way to raise our level of consciousness and improve the quality of our lives.

Life is only difficult when we resist to the way it is. Accept what is and flow with life!

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