The Power of Affirmations

I have been reading and listening to Bob Proctor quite a lot lately and his teachings have been eye opening to me. He says that we have the power to achieve anything we want in our lives only using the power of our minds.

Proctor states that we can attract our goals only by thinking. He believes that only a small percentage of people actually think and the rest only have mental activity which doesn’t qualify as thinking. Thinking is using our mental faculties: reasoning, intuition, attention, memory, imagination.

He says that we are immersed in a society and in cultural beliefs that provide a veil to our view of reality. We form a paradigm in the early years of our life and we let that paradigm control our lives. Our unconscious mind follows the paradigm blindly and we simply call this ‘fate’. We think we have free will but that’s only an illusion.

If we had free will, we would not follow family patterns so blindly; we would be able to break free from addictions more easily; we would not be determined by society or live someone else’s dreams or highest values.

He’s been teaching this for about 50 years now and he’s a best selling author and very charismatic character. I think what he says makes sense but I wonder then why not more people can just do what he says and become rich and whatever else they desire. I believe that our mental clutter is in our way of using our mental faculties successfully. We find it very difficult to switch off our ‘monkey mind’ and we can’t truly focus. I’ve been trying this for a few weeks now and I now understand why so few people achieve all this. Reversing this pattern takes time, hard work and it can be really boring because we won’t see instant results. Watching Netflix is more entertaining but we won’t achieve anything doing that.

I am giving this a try at the moment as I am very curious to see what happens. There are various ways I am trying this theory:

  • daily meditation
  • creating a vision board
  • daily affirmations: ‘I am…’
  • visualisations of the goals
  • journaling

All of these techniques keep my goals clear, keep me focussed on my goals, keep my mind calm and keep me in the present moment even if the goals are in the future. The purpose of setting goals is to find out what we are really capable of.

I read an interesting phrase lately that I found very wise: ‘Surrender is the intersection between acceptance and change’. When you accept the present moment fully and let yourself go and surrender, you will be guided by your higher self to making the changes you need to do to achieve your dreams.

Proctor says that when you feel able and willing, your fantasy turns into a theory; your theory turns into a goal and then your goal turns into form. He states that if we set goals so that we never fail, we’ll never move forward. ‘You are going to have everything you have the courage to ask for’. Of course, some action is required to achieve the goals but if we don’t believe we can, we will never be able to materialise the opportunities to act upon.

Doesn’t this sound fascinating? Aren’t you curious, too? Would you not give this all a chance to see if it could be the key to achieving all your dreams?

If you feel interested in this topic, please contact me and I can send you more links to set a plan in place.

Thanks for reading,

Jen x


NEXT WEEK: Signs of awakening


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