You do have enough time

I often find myself complaining about time. I never have enough time to do the things that I love doing. This seems to be my excuse for anything that I can’t fit in my day and in my life. But lately I realised that I am viewing time in the wrong way. It’s like the glass which is half full or half empty.

It was reading the book ‘The Big Leap’ by Gay Hendricks that I saw the problem I, and a lot of people who complain about time, seem to have. He explains the difference between Newtonian Time and Einstein Time. Newtonian paradigm guarantees that we will always have a problem with time because time is outside of us and that we are always racing with time. This theory assumes that there’s a scarcity of time which leads to an uncomfortable feeling of urgency all the time. We feel like victims of time. Whereas Einstein Time is the opposite. This paradigm states that we are owners of our time and our space. When we bring awareness to the space we occupy, we accept what is in our lives and we embrace the time the WE create. ‘Since I’m the producer of time, I can make as much as I need!’.

He states very clearly how important it is to enjoy the time that we have and value what we do with the time rather than try to see all the things we don’t have time for. The reality is that we have a lot of time but our problem is the prioritising of the time. We seem to have is that we say we don’t have time when we really have time for other things that we prioritise more. The issue is that we always seem to be complaining about our lack of time. The moment we decide to take ownership of time is when time will stop owning us.

I think it’s a matter of knowing our values and what is important to us and allocating more time of our day to those activities. We must try to stop saying we don’t have time for the other things: we should be honest with ourselves and others about the lack of priority for the other things.

We must remember that what we do in our day is what we do in our lives. In other words, one day in our lives represent the priorities that we have in our lives. If our daily activities don’t align with our life values, maybe it’s time to reconsider our daily activities.

Careful examination of our life purpose and goals in life can give us a better perspective of how to plan our days so that our daily activities align with our values. This kind of life is a more honest and meaningful.

So, next time I find myself saying I don’t have time to do something, I’ll stop and think for a moment. ‘Where in my life I am not taking full ownership?’ Taking ownership of time will make my day more productive and enjoyable in a more honest way.

I found the concept fascinating, and you?

Thanks for reading,

Jen x



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