How to Discover your Life Purpose (Part 1)

I found that discovering my life purpose was extremely exhilarating and motivating. Now my mind is more focussed on my present and future. I don’t entertain the past as much as before or any emotions that come with it such as regret or guilt. I find myself complaining or gossiping less. I also use my time a bit more efficiently. I’m still working on all this and I’m sure I’ll be working on this for a long time but at least now I know where I’m going.

I spent about 6 months trying to figure out what my life purpose was. I know, it sounds long but it was worth every minute of the time invested. Before that I had never really spent much time planning my life. Looking back, I realised that my life from a very early age has been a succession of really well timed events and that I always got what I wanted. Sometimes I had to wait for things and at times I thought I was not going to get things. Eventually, I always did.

I often thought that one thing lead to another in a smooth transition. Yes, I had a few heartaches, from a few men in my life and from life itself. But in general, life has been good to me.

Tony Robbins talks about a blueprint. We all have an ideal of what we want in our life. If our life doesn’t match our blue print, we have the drive to do the things we need to do to make it match. The blueprint is different for everyone. What happened to me was that the moment my life matched my blueprint, I have the job that I always wanted, the soulmate I was looking for, 2 beautiful kids, a home, etc., I was still feeling dissatisfied. That was the moment I started trying to discover my life purpose.

I spent 6 months trying to discover it and the moment I discovered it, I found peace and an amazing drive to achieve it. Here is what I did:

  • I meditated every day: making my mind quiet made it possible for me to listen to my inner voice, my guide.
  • I prayed every day: I asked my conscience to guide me. I asked the question every day: What is my life purpose? What am I here to do? How can I serve the universe?
  • I embraced uncertainty (as much as possible): there is power in uncertainty and confusion because they are only symptoms of unrest and they bring a message. Sit with confusion and you’ll get all the answers.
  • I wrote a journal: putting thoughts into writing helps clarify your thoughts and understand feelings better. Writing my blog also helped because the topics I was drawn to write about were leading me to my answers too.
  • I kept positive (mostly): If you say again and again ‘I’m never going to discover my purpose’ or ‘this is pointless’ or ‘I’m never going to change’, etc., you will continue to attract negativity. Focus on the positive and you will get positive. Affirmations are a great way to revert negative thoughts. Did you know that we can’t have 2 thoughts at the same time? Repeating short affirmations will allow you to stop the negative thoughts to creep up: I am on purpose. I am enough. I am strong. I am happy. Choose one. Whatever works for you.
  • I did the values determination by John Demartini: Mind you, I had to do it about 4 times over 6 moths for me to feel I was on track. It’s worth the try. It’s a very useful tool.
  • I read every day: I started reading books again. I went to the library and asked to be guided to the right books. The ones that inspired me had some answers too.
  • I had my eyes, mind and heart open: you can get answers from various sources. I sometimes stumbled across an interesting article on facebook, Sometimes a conversation with someone gave me a clue, sometimes a TV programme inspired me in some way, even reading stories to my kids had inspiration sometimes.

Of course this wasn’t always the case. I was negative and closed minded at times. Sometimes uncertainty got the best of me and I wanted to give up. But it was a worthwhile journey.

While I don’t think all of these things are truly necessary and, if you are looking for your life purpose, you don’t need to do all these things. I’m only sharing what I did and what worked for me. I’m sure there are many ways of achieving the same goal.

If you are in your search for your life purpose, I would suggest not to be in a hurry. If you want to discover it in 5 minutes, you will probably get frustrated when it doesn’t happen that fast. The main ingredient for success in my view is commitment to the cause.

Knowing your life purpose is the first step to achieving it. Very powerful. And it’s never too late. I’m nearly 40 and if I get to achieve my purpose by the time I’m 50, it will be a dream come true.

Thanks for reading,

Jen x




13 thoughts on “How to Discover your Life Purpose (Part 1)

  1. This is a fabulous post Jen. I’ve really enjoyed reading what you have written since starting your blog 🙂 inspirational stuff as always.


    • Also, do you think people can have more than one life purpose? Everyone has several interests that if followed could make them happy. Right? And do you think spending dedicated meditation time is needed if the things you do during the day (your interests) can be done without conscious thought but with a feeling of happiness and content? For example, I can run care-free, or do gardening, getting stung by nettles many times over but still smiling…


      • Your thoughts and comments are very relevant and true. While I used meditation to help me understand myself more and discover my purpose, there are other ways of connecting with your higher self to get insights. Yes, there is no need to sit with your eyes closed to meditate. A run or maybe playing an instrument are other ways of achieving the same purpose, which is to be content in the moment and transcend thoughts. Also, to answer your other question, I think a person can have many interests and therefore many purposes. I think a purpose can be making someone smile. Whatever contributes to making a world a better place, however small the action, and doing what you are doing with passion.
        Thanks for your contribution to the post, Jonny. I can feel your heart reflected in your comment!


      • Thank you Jen! You are an ocean of truth 🙂 it’s so true about living in the moment and sharing smiles. I find playing guitar to be more an outpouring of all the things you wouldn’t usually say or allow yourself to feel; it can be anger, love, deep, meaningful, funny or dahm right weird.not always meditative though.
        You know, one or my favorite books was given to me many years ago with the written inscription “make your life worth every minute and go on making everyone laugh…” it still rings so true 🙂
        Looking forward to part 2…


  2. I love your posts so much! I could read them all day! They are so relatable! I have begun implementing some of these strategies and plan to focus more on some other ideas you mentioned! I am in college working on discovering my life purpose through the career I choose! This is so beneficial! Thank you! Blessings! xoxo


    • Hi growingthroughsomething, thanks so much for your lovely comment. I’m delighted that you find the post useful. I wish you all the best in your studies and discovering your life purpose and vision. And thanks for following me. There’s more coming on this topic. With love, Jen x

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