Limiting Beliefs – How to spot them and how to stop them

Limiting beliefs are negative thoughts about yourself that act as an excuse for you not to do something positive in your life and prevent you from growing and improving your life. The most typical ones are: ‘I can’t’, ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I don’t have money’, ‘ I hate that’, ‘There is no way’, ‘Are you joking me?’, among others.

Limiting beliefs keep us in our comfort zone and prevent us from achieving the life we really want. Because the life we dream about doesn’t happen without pain and hard work. The life we dream happens when we change and change is painful. We have to go against our own fears and beyond the comfort of our sofa. The life we want happens the moment we get to say ‘I can’, ‘I will make time’, ‘I will budget it’, ‘No one will stop me’ ‘I’m scared but I’ll do it anyway’ and ‘Hell yeah!’.

Life is not about feeling comfortable and pleasant. Life is about sweating. Life is about feeling the discomfort and doing it anyway. Life is about exercising the will power enough so that it gets easier and easier. Life is about doing things with passion and not caring about other people’s opinions.

Personally, I discovered mine with a very simple technique, and totally by chance: it was while I was repeating affirmations.

Here is my technique to spot limiting beliefs:

  • Set aside a few minutes for yourself. Bring along a pen and a paper and a sense of humour. Get ready to amuse yourself with your own thoughts.
  • Start by thinking about something you want in your life. For example: I want to be thin.
  • Start saying the affirmation. But don’t say ‘I want to be thin’ or ‘I will be thin’, say: ‘I am thin’ and repeat it for 5 minutes and monitor your thoughts.
  • You will probably start feeling awkward about saying something like this and your mind will react to it.
  •  Write down all the questions, thoughts, doubts and hesitations, comments in your mind while you say your affirmations. There are you limiting beliefs. You might hear something like: ‘What?’, ‘Oh really? How?’, ‘There’s no way.’, ‘Dream on’, etc.
  • These expressions are limits your mind is setting so that you don’t make changes in your life. That’s the moment you need to ignore your mind and keep going.

How to stop your limiting beliefs:

  • Continue saying your affirmation and defy your own mind. This is a great exercise.
  • Know that your limiting beliefs are conditions that have been installed in your mind for all your life. It will take time to reprogramme them. Continue with your affirmations every day for 66 days, according to research.
  • Have visual aids: put a picture of the image you want to achieve in your vision board and look at it daily.
  • Align your actions daily to achieve your goal.
  • Meditate daily: The more in touch you are with your true self, the more you will find the reassurance that all these limits are pure mind limitations. Your true self has no limits!
  • Continue with your affirmations.
  • Every time you hear yourself saying ‘I can’t’, say your affirmations louder.
  • Prepare to dazzle yourself when you feel your mind shifting from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I so can!’.

Here are some examples of limiting beliefs:

  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t have enough money
  • I don’t have enough talent
  • I’m too lazy
  • I’m not good enough
  • I don’t have enough energy
  • It’s not in my genes
  • I never accomplished anything significant in my life
  • I’m all right the way I am
  • I’ll never be able to achieve this so why should I try

If you hear your thoughts expressing something along these lines, please know that you are not your thoughts. Your ego is trying to keep you sweet and in your comfort zone so that you don’t change. Be strong. If you truly want it, you can achieve anything.

This is a powerful technique. There will be no stopping you after that.

I hope you found this post useful and inspiring.

Thanks for reading,

Jen x

NEXT WEEK: It’s possible to stop your uncontrollable thinking!



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