How to stop uncontrollable negative thoughts

‘You are what you think.’  This statement sounds like an exaggeration and maybe a few months ago and it wouldn’t have resonated with me at all. But lately, the more I read books on human behaviour, the more I realise the power of that statement.

We create in our lives what we visualise in our minds. What we think of the most, we bring about in our every day lives. If we focus of problems, we get more problems. Yet, if we focus on solutions, we’ll get solutions. I know this sounds very simplistic but it’s been proven time and time again that with the power of our minds we have the capacity to attract in our lives whatever we desire.

When we become aware of the kind of thoughts we have in our day, the majority of our 60,000 daily thoughts are negative. Our self-talk is full of criticism, blame, guilt, worry, regret, etc. We wouldn’t dare to talk to anyone the way we talk to ourselves, let alone a loved one. Why do we do this to ourselves?

How do we stop thread of negativity in our minds:

  • Positive affirmations: If we have 60,000 thoughts daily, we can counter-balance this number with more positive thoughts. Did you know that we can’t have 2 thoughts in our heads at the same time? So when we repeat like a mantra a positive affirmation, you make sure you have only positive thoughts in your mind. Make sure the affirmations are in the present tense and never use a negative form. (Don’t say: ‘I will be thin’ or ‘I won’t be fat’, say ‘I am thin’) Repeat it again and again for 5 minutes every day (set a reminder on your phone) and see what happens inside your mind. It’s very powerful.
  • Have your life purpose clear and know your mission: When you have a clear vision of your life, you will stop wasting time thinking about unnecessary things. Your mind will be occupied trying to find ways to achieve your goals, focussing on the present and certainly on the future (not the past).
  • If you want to stop worrying, please read this post with a simple but effective technique by Gay Hendricks.
  • Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people and move away from negative people: Gossiping is another way to trigger negative thoughts in your mind so move away from people who insist in talking about other people and judging others.
  • Reading and watching the news can also bring you down so take a break from it for a few days and see what happens to your mood and your thoughts.
  • Start meditating and focus your thoughts on your own feelings, perceptions and emotions.
  • Create a vision board and think about your mission every day: Occupying your mind on all the things that you want in your life will leave less opportunities for negative thoughts.
  • Practice gratitude as much as possible: when you wake up in the morning, going to bed at night, with the first bite of your food, when you get in a hot shower, when you hug a loved one, when you start your exercise, when you arrive home form work, when you see your kids playing, when you look up at the sky, any time!
  • Exercise more and feel all the negativity evaporate with your toxins.
  • Read interesting books and you’ll be inspired to think and talk about useful, positive and fascinating topics.
  • Eat light and healthy food as junk food can have negative effects on your mind as well as your body.
  • Let go of the past: Going back again and again to an event that happened in the past won’t change what happened. You have the ability and the power to control how an event affects your life. Your thoughts will determine whether a problem is a problem or an opportunity in order to rise higher and stronger.

The more of these techniques you can apply, the more negative thoughts you will be able to conquer. The more you can thing about yourself, the less you will gossip and judge others. The more you focus on the present and future, the less importance you will give to the past. The healthier you feel, the less negative you will think about yourself. The more you work on the goals in your life, the more you will achieve in your life and you’ll be able to help others and serve them.

Every time I get one negative thought, I drill a positive affirmation, whatever affirmation comes to mind ‘I am happy and grateful’, ‘I am happy and grateful’, ‘I am happy and grateful’, ‘I am happy and grateful’. And the negative thought disappears.

What’s your favourite technique? I think that mine has been obsessing about my goals that I have no time for negativity. Also, I never watch the news (I know the importance of being updated with current affairs) but this has helped me hugely.

Thanks for reading,

Jen x

NEXT WEEK: Life Purpose part 3: Your Future Vision vs. Here and Now


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